Survey Findings: The Asia Opportunity

89 percent of institutional investors agree—
potential growth in Asia is too great to ignore.

Is your Asia portfolio getting the attention it deserves?

Asia is the fastest growing region worldwide—but many institutions approach Asia only in the context of a broader emerging-markets portfolio. Learn why the Asia opportunity, in particular, will demand attention in the months and years ahead.

The Case for Asia

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For more than 25 years, our diverse team of investment professionals have drawn on extensive, fundamental, on-the-ground research to devise innovative solutions that address the needs of global institutional investors.

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A Bumpy China Ride, Then a Safe Landing

If the latest news cycles seem almost too staggering to process, Matthews Asia Investment Strategist Andy Rothman offers the context to quell investors’ short-term anxiety over the health of China’s economy. This issue of Sinology outlines the most likely “scary” China stories you may hear in 1H17, and reasons to ignore the noise.


Riding the credit cycle: It’s not about timing the markets, but time in the markets

In a world where global bonds offer little or even negative yield, Asia credit presents an attractive opportunity for investors with a 2- to 3-year time horizon.


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With deep roots in Asia, our investment team works tirelessly on the ground to uncover opportunities—and balance risks—in this dynamic region.

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