Responsible Investment Approach

We are mindful of the role of capital in shaping the world we want to live in.

Our Responsible Investment Approach

Progress and development in countries where we invest requires a healthy environment where people can live and work. That’s just one of the reasons we build ESG research and engagement into our active investment and research processes. As engaged and responsible investors in our portfolio holdings, we help drive sustainability which we believe will help improve profitability.

Responsible Investment and Stewardship

Matthews Asia Head of Responsible Investment and Stewardship Kathlyn Collins shares the importance of integrating environmental, social and governance risks into the firm’s portfolio decision-making process.


Trust, transparency and accountability from companies and entities is important in all markets in which we invest, and especially so in Emerging Markets.

Engagement and Stewardship

We are cognizant of our responsibility to meet and engage with corporate management to improve the environment, society and corporate governance.

2023 Stewardship Report

In our latest Stewardship Report, we recap a year of voting and engagement with the companies in the Matthews portfolios and take a look under the hood with some in-depth thematic case studies.

Visit our Stewardship Report Archive to view all reports prior to the current year.

The Value of Active ESG Research in Emerging Markets

While it’s important to consider Emerging Markets through a sustainable lens as the world moves toward lower emissions, it’s also critical to think about sustainability-related issues with an emerging markets filter.

An Active Approach to ESG Research

Head of Responsible Investment and Stewardship Kathlyn Collins, CAIA, explains the value of proprietary research and the limits of third-party scoring for sustainable investing in emerging markets.

The Power of Sustainable Research

Our in-depth knowledge of local markets helps us to evaluate and prioritize ESG-related risks according to their potential impact on portfolios.

Active Industry Participation

We take an active role in key organizations that advance and protect the interests of our clients.

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Head of Responsible Investment Kathlyn Collins says sustainability is EM's next chapter.