Eight Investment Ideas for 2023

Our investment team has experience seeking out investment opportunities across all market cycles. Here are eight ideas to help you navigate today’s volatile markets

  1. The Future of Emerging Markets is Now. Emerging markets have offered growth and diversification benefits to investors for more than 30 years. Learn why we’re bullish on these regions.
    Pragmatism in Post-Election Brazil
    Five Reasons Why Emerging Markets Are Investable Today
    Add Emerging Market Strength in Global Weakness

  2. Are You Prepared for China’s Return? China’s zero-COVID policies may have been a speed bump in their economic growth, and we think China continues to offer investment opportunities—if you know where to look. Stay up to date on China’s reopening.
    The Reopening of China
    Webcast Replay: China’s Reopening- Recovery and Risks
    How Pragmatism May Drive China's Economic Recovery
    A Timeline for China's Reopening and Recovery

  3. Hot Spots in Sustainable Investing. If you want to make a difference with your portfolio, emerging markets are home to companies that are seeking to change the world, for the better.
    EM Toolkit for a Sustainable Boom
    The Value of Women Across the Board

  4. Ride the New Wave of Innovation. Emerging markets lead the way in a range of innovations from technology to pharmaceuticals to business process improvements. We think they’re just getting started, learn why.
    Asia: The Early Innings of Innovation
    Three Things Needed to Nurture Innovation

  5. India’s Economic Boom. India has favorable conditions that we think bode well for long-term investors: a supportive government, stable monetary environment, and consistent and predictable regulatory oversight nurture for business growth. Read about the opportunities we’ve identified.
    Why I Like India Autos
    Make it India

  6. Small-cap Companies Ready to Soar. Small-cap companies have been powerhouses of growth in these regions. We have a track record of identifying companies before they’re part of benchmark indexes and seek out these often-overlooked companies to benefit from their potential growth.
    Small Caps: China's Engines of Growth

  7. The New Era of Re-globalization. COVID, conflict and supply-chain shocks have impacted economies and trade around the world. Here’s where we’re looking for prospects.
    Make it India

  8. Exposure vs. Opportunity. We believe active management offers the best potential for long-term outperformance, especially in emerging markets. Our portfolio managers have the local knowledge and investment experience to uncover opportunities, no matter where they’re located.