Who We Serve

We partner with global institutional investors as they seek to better understand and to take full advantage of the Asia opportunity.

Shared Values

In the course of more than two decades of work with institutional clients, it’s become clear to us that Matthews Asia and the institutional community have a lot in common. In terms of investment approach, our long-term investment horizon, focus on consistent alpha generation, and careful consideration of risk are closely in line with institutional objectives and requirements. At the same time, we understand and share our institutional clients’ priorities and, in a deeper sense, their values. Like our institutional clients, we value transparency and sound corporate governance, and we believe in supporting our employees and their families through a balanced and positive work environment, while giving back to the communities in which we live and work. We strive to uphold these values in our own firm and on behalf of those we serve—our clients.

Your Unique Needs

Every institution is different. At Matthews Asia, we aspire to become a trusted resource to our clients—deeply versed in each of their unique requirements and objectives—and an extension of their investment teams.

Our highly consultative client-service approach allows us to identify investment strategies best-suited to each client’s preferences and tolerances and to closely tailor solutions, based on analysis of their current exposures, liability profile and long term objectives. In some cases, this customization may take the form of modifying an existing Matthews Asia strategy to fit a specific portfolio requirement. In others, we may develop a completely new strategy in order to fill a portfolio void. In all instances, we work hard to keep our clients ahead of the pack, seeking uncommon returns by identifying overlooked prospects and new opportunities that may not yet have been embraced by the traditional investing public.

As a specialist in Asian investment, Matthews Asia focuses a wealth of resources on a single area of the world. As a result, we’re able to make a deep well of information and opinions available to our clients. Our commitment to service extends to include a range of informational and educational efforts that are exclusive to our clients—from providing customized studies on a particular Asian country or region, to offering insight on the region’s macroeconomic outlook, to assessing the impact of recent news stories or events, to answering board-level queries on Asia’s prospects, and more.

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Client-Service Commitment

Our clients are at the heart of everything we do. That’s why we work to provide not just innovative, Asia-focused investment solutions that help them exceed their objectives, but also exceptional client service. Using a collaborative, consultative approach, we dedicate ourselves to understanding our clients’ goals and priorities, and to fulfilling their unique investment and servicing needs. We believe that this close and focused attention to our institutional client relationships allows us to develop a more comprehensive understanding of our clients’ needs today, and to establish a constructive, ongoing dialogue about those needs as they evolve.

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