Investment Risks

General Disclosure About Investment Risk

Investment involves risk, including possible loss of principal. Any investment approach or product will have its own specific risks, which will vary. Before adopting an investment approach or investing in a specific investment product you should familiarize yourself with the specific risks related to that investment approach or product.

Investing in Asia may involve risks such as social and political instability, market illiquidity, exchange-rate fluctuations, a high level of volatility and limited regulation. The economies of many Asian countries differ from the economies of more developed countries in many respects, such as rate of growth, inflation, capital reinvestment, resource self-sufficiency, financial system stability, the national balance of payments position and sensitivity to changes in global trade. Many Asian countries are considered emerging or frontier markets. The smaller size and lower levels of liquidity in emerging markets, as well as other factors, may result in changes in the prices of Asian securities that are more volatile than those of companies in more developed regions.